Myofascial Sports Massage - July '23

Myofascial Sports Massage - July '23

July 15th and 16th, 2023

16 hours Live Hands-On Class

8am-6pm (both days)

Class will start sharply at 8am, so please plan your travel accordingly!

Cost: $112


Homewood Suites by Hilton

2987 Apalachee Parkway

Tallahassee, Florida 33004

About The Course:

Participant will be able to:  

✓ List ideas for entering the field of Sports Massage  

✓ Describe the theory of Myofascial Sports Massage  

✓ List the basic steps for body reading to determine structural imbalances  

✓ Demonstrate proper body mechanics for performing a Myofascial Sports Massage stroke  

✓ Describe and demonstrate Myofascial Sports Massage strokes  

✓ Perform a general full-body Myofascial Sports Massage routine that can be used on athletes.  

✓ List symptoms, causes, athletes at risk and concerns for common physician-diagnosed sports-related injuries and conditions.  

✓ Perform Myofascial Sports Massage routines for treating these injuries and conditions.  

Pete incorporates his collective knowledge of sports training and sports massage into the Myofascial Sports Massage course that you are about to take. His protocols are time tested and truly an excellent addition to any massage therapist who seeks to improve the skills for his or her craft. 

Once you have digested the knowledge, Pete suggests you incorporate these protocols into your own routines to better treat your clients. 

Now take this course and learn!

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About the Instructor:

Pete Pfannerstill, Ph.D., LMT, CKTI

Pete is more than just a Sports Massage Therapist. He is an athlete, a scientist and an educator of the highest degree. His pursuit in helping athletes to their maximum ability to perform is a never-ending goal. His own dedication to running has allowed him to finish over 40 marathons (PR 3:13:12) and ultramarathons, including three 100 mile runs (PR 23:30). He could not have achieved this level of competition without a total understanding of the body and how it works under stress.

Yet Pete did not begin his career in athletics. His schooling was in Chemistry, attaining his doctorate in Analytical Chemistry from the University of Cincinnati in 1989. After working as a chemist for several years, he contemplated increasing his endurance and timing by better understanding the body. He decided that learning sports massage therapy would be advantageous, not only to himself but to his running mates. He never thought that massage therapy would ever become anything more than a hobby.

As Pete attended massage school, he slowly realized that working on people and helping them with their various physical issues was far more satisfying than working in a chemistry lab. The more he learned and the more athletes he worked on, the more he realized that sports massage was where he needed to be. It took two long years of developing an athletic clientele before he could say goodbye to chemistry forever. He hasn't looked back since.

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